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Following an average college student developing organic eating habits.

What’s a GMO?

The organic food industry throws around a lot of terms that are difficult to understand, especially for someone new to the lifestyle.

Browsing through articles and doing research on organic food, I have come across the term “GMO” countless times. 

A GMO is a genetically modified organism. Essentially this means that you take the gene of one organism and insert it into another. 

Many are concerned with GMOs because of their unpredictability when it comes to peoples reactions with allergens. Groups argue that the public should know when their food contains GMO’s and fight that they should be labeled so. 

I do not care to be eating anything that has been modified. When I chow down on a strawberry, I want it to be entirely strawberry and not enhanced with chemicals and extra genes.

The food we consume should come from the ground and not a lab.

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